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Welcome To Delhi Public School (Siwan Bihar)

Delhi Public School management team is a unique combination of experienced educationists, qualified and trained teachers and corporate manager, it strives to achieve the objectives of the organization via continuous research, introduction of latest training methodologies and follow up to ensure adherence to set guidelines. .

Message of the Secretary

I am happy to be a part of this institution,which has been catering to the development of children, has been working successfully because of the co-operation extended by member of Management,Teacher and the Parents.

Our Primary aim is to bring up a child in various dimensions, aschildhood in the most impressionable age. It has the ingredients of soft clay whichcan be molded in any shape. It is the duty of the parents and school as a wholeto create favorable atmosphere which can bring out the special talents, theparticular inclinations and tendencies of a child, so that they can bemagnified to their fullest extent. We are sure that our mission will proceedsmoothly. When child grows, his/her mental standard and performance level canbe utilized to words nation's progress. A properly trained and skilled humanbeing is the real resource of a nation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Md. Moidur Rahman

Message of Manager

DISCIPLINE                 The School ensures climate of openness tonew learning that incorporates best practices and effective methodologies basedon worth, uniqueness, polishing each individuals’ potentialities and therefore promotescreation of new learning culture in which students inculcate the spirit tobecome lifelong learners. The school offers a program which aims to mould andnurture thousands of young minds through its value oriented education preparingthe students to achieve and accomplish the desired goals in their present andfuture.

PUNCTUALITY           WhatI appreciate most enter is the solid support and collaboration that we receivefrom the parents and well- wisher in all our endeavours. So, DPS is not onlyand institution but a family. As a result DPS is today a school most soughtafter, from where students would like to prepare not only for their cherished carrierin the world but for life itself.

SINCERITY                  The concept of Global Citizenship and approach towards the Holistic Development hasbeen the essence and vital force of DPS which ensures their glories past,progressive present and promising future. In our constant effort and endlessenthusiasm, I want your full cooperation through your support and feedback inimparting quality education and serving our motto beyond the boundaries.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Md. Shafiqur Rahman

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